Way better than Reviewme or Pay per post!
They do all the work and it's cheaper! Thumbs up!
John P.
- Austin, TX

Skyrocket your SEO with Blog Reviews!

Blog Reviews are the most effective way to increase your SEO rankings:

  • They look very natural to Google
  • You get a FULL PAGE with a FULL ARTICLE about the topic of your site
  • You get 3 links to your site with the keywords you want to your site

Why Choose Us and not ReviewMe, PayPerPost or SponsoredReviews?

  • We understand you want those reviews for SEO - we don't talk about "honest reviews", we don't force bloggers to mention it's sponsored, etc... It's 100% clear to us you want those reviews for SEO - No bad surprises - Guaranteed!
  • Our prices are MUCH lower
  • We do all the work for you - no time spent to find blogs/make an offer/have it rejected/try again/etc.... - you tell us how many reviews you want and we sent you an excel file with the URLs of the reviews we made for you.
  • We research blogs for you - we are not a marketplace where bloggers sign in trying to make money - and so start to publish tons of reviews and quickly get detected by Google as link sellers. We search blogs - contact the owner - negotiate a review - ensure it's published correctly. We don't target the 1% of blogs that are actively trying to sell links on marketplaces but the 99% that never heard about paid reviews until we contacted them - talk about under the radar!

Who are your customers?

They range from small business to large corporations. We also work with web agencies willing to provide quality SEO to their clients under a white label agreement (the final customer doesn't know we are doing the work and you can re-brand it as your own)

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